When I was preparing to be out of town for three months, my primary concern was for my mail. Sarah collected my mail, divided it into junk, keep and send piles. She tossed the junk, mostly fliers and ads, put the keeps, catalogues and magazines, in my apartment, and forwarded the sends, personal letters and bills, to me in envelopes I had pre-addressed and stamped. I was able to keep up with paying my bills and had a reasonable stack of magazines and catalogues with chick to deal when I returned. Sarah did this job with skill and care, which made me being away much more comfortable than it would have been otherwise.


I contacted Sarah after starting a new job with a business casual dress code, and my wardrobe did not have the staples for this. She set up a meeting to talk about my tastes and set up a budget, then she took it from there. A week later, she outfitted me with a versatile wardrobe with slacks, shirts, and sweaters that could be worn interchangeably…while staying within my budget. I am entirely pleased with using Sarah for my shopping needs.

Ben M.

When I decided to go out of town at the last minute, I realized I wouldn’t have enough time to pick up food for an event. I called Sarah and she was able to deliver the food right to my office. Couldn’t have been easier!

Shannon B.

Aside from being a sweetheart and intelligent, Sarah became an absolute necessity as my personal assistant in so many ways this year. She found a perfect blouse for me; took care of my mail and plants when I was out of town. Drove carefully to/from the airport. Helped with office work: typed, copied documents, stamped and mailed important papers. In addition Sarah food shopped, even carrying cases of water. There is no one like this charming young woman out there!

Holly B.

Reliable, responsible, personable and thoughtful…all you could ask for in a personal concierge service.

Ginny C.

While away on holiday, Sarah kept an eye on our home, watered the plants and generally ‘took care’ of things. It’s nice knowing there is someone you trust looking out for those things you hold dear.

Corina C.

When my wife and I were out of town, we learned that we had a house guest coming in early.  Since the house was no where near ready, we called Sarah, and she got back to us immediately. She was able to go over to our house right away on short notice and get it ready for our guests.  She did a wonderful job straightening up and ensuring that the house was welcoming and clean when our guests arrived.


When our puppy accidentally ate an ant trap, my husband and I were stumped as to what to do, since we both were due to head to work but didn’t want to leave our pup alone in case he got sick!  Having Sarah close by was a blessing.  She not only agreed to come by to check on him throughout the day, she also went above and beyond what we asked and spent a few hours playing with him! He turned out to be just fine, and extra happy to have a playmate for the day who took such good care of him.


Before shopping with Sarah, I was never sure what looked good on me and always dreaded picking out clothes before going out.  Sarah taught me what looked good on my body type and even helped me find some really great deals to stay within my budget.  She listened to what kind of clothes I liked, but also stretched my comfort zone and made me realize that I can wear a lot of things I never thought I could (including skinny jeans!).  Now I find myself looking forward to picking out my outfit for the night because I have so many great options to choose from.

Victoria M.

I needed an update to my spring wardrobe and Sarah was the perfect person to help.  She gave great advice on the latest trends and which styles worked with my body type, all while keeping me within my budget.  My spring closet is refreshed and I am excited about my new clothes!